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Hello There!  I'm Chrissy, a true-to-the- core 1970's girl building a creative business dream come true!

Funny how life comes full circle and we can easily slip into our mentor's life image.  It seems like yesterday that I was sitting at my grandmother's baby blue Singer sewing machine, cutting up my grandfather's old jeans (with my gram's permission, of course), making purses and pencil bags for my myself, my sister and my friends, who sadly at age 9 were not as impressed as they are now. ❤️. Like many makers, my grandma was my primary teacher of not only sewing, but many of my homestead practices.

Fast forward a few years, I watched and listened to stories from my mom who managed a quilt shop. Stories of women sharing their sewing technique secrets, quilting challenges and homemaking dreams.  It took a while to get here, but finally I'm able to work in the industry of creation and inspiration, with the foundation my soul was built upon.

Come along with me as I run with scissors through this amazing quilting industry.  Together we will explore and experiment with different tools, tips and techniques that grow our shared passion for quilting and other handmade items.  

It's my past in life experiences have set a tone for the fabric collections and items you will find our shop.  The GVQS vibe speaks to those with a country-hippy-vintage girl soul.  Having kaleidoscope of variety in both the places I've lived and the careers I've worked in, my design and artistic values are reflected from those experiences.  My father's career took my mom and I to 18 different spots in this country in my first 9 years of life.  Grandma's house in the woods was always our homebase and where I learned my grounding, and sought my creative comfort.  My mom was a true 1960's teenage girl, and I was her living doll.  Together, we traveled to city to city, me in the back of my dad's VW bug cubbyhole.

My soul was at most comfort when we started our family out in the country with our cows and all, and created a simple homemade life.  It's here where my deepest purpose began.  Raising my beautiful humans, Zack-15 and Gracie-18, and at times, my hubby who is sometimes childlike, but all the awesome hot husband!

GVQS started late 2021, after Oregon's response to covid kept our state's economy suppressed much longer than most.  My prior career, and creation was Little Photo Bus, and when weddings reduced in size and/or cancelled altogether, it was time to recreate my happy.  My husband encouraged me to start this shop as I was most happy during this time when I was creating loving quilts and other handmade items.  This is where #CreativeMeditation came to life!

Currently, we live off the mighty Willamette River across from a noisy little city (still in Oregon).   The GVQS warehouse is separate from the sewing studio and it's big enough to grow as GVQS grows too.  At this time, GVQS is an ONLINE ONLY quilt shop, but that will not always be the case.  Watch for our growth in venue in 2026!  Follow us as we grow this awesome Creative Meditation company and create a community of makers who share in the passion of making a Good Life with Good Vibes.

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Love | Peace | Good Vibes

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