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What makes Good Vibes Quilt Shop different than other quilt shops?

Good Vibes Quilt Shop was born in a time when humanity needed creative outlets to thrive, or even exist just to be "normal". Sound a little dramatic?  Well, it's really true!  The idea of my cute little shop was created in the fall of 2020, right in the pit during the year of Covid.  My former creative business (in the wedding industry) was seeing a forecast of big uncertainty.  And honestly, getting up in the mornings, and being greeted by fun, uniquely challenging and beautiful quilting projects was bringing me such incredible joy, I realized this was the perfect time for a career shift.  I wanted to be a force for these happy, good vibe feelings for the creative quilting world!  And with that, GOOD VIBES QUILT SHOP became my new realty, my passion and my life goal.



"I wanted to be a Force for these Happy, Good Vibe feelings for the Creative Quilting World!"




Good Vibes Quilt Shop


Now, I'm no psychologist, or any other credible clinician of the mind and soul, but I do know what happens during the process of making something awesome. Creativity calms the senses and gives you all the good feels of accomplishment.  I am also fondly familiar with the incredible tummy-giggles-of-giving that sharing a handmade item will offer you, the's the best feeling ever wouldn't you say?!?


Shifting into this industry brings pretty ginormous challenges as there are so many choices out in the world of quilting, especially online.  So let me share what makes GOOD VIBES QUILT SHOP DIFFERENT FROM THE OTHER QUILT SHOPS.

"What make Good Vibes Quilt Shop so Rad?"

OUTSTANDING QUALITY is our primary goal!  At GVQS, we have very carefully and mindfully partnered with the best quality fabric purveyors.  Companies like Riley Blake DesignsModa Fabrics and my personal favorite, Poppie Cotton, are our primary partnered collections.  Each of these companies have the highest quality in feel good fabrics.  They produce their fabrics in such a way that they give a long life to the finished project and make the process of creation very enjoyable.  

When it comes to our tools and notions, we select and sell those that have that helped our own personal journey in quilting and sewing.   Believe me, (and you probably already know), there are so many money grab products in the quilting industry, so when it comes to sharing my favorites, I do so knowing they work and are an benefit to the joy of quilting.  Notions such as BlocLocAurafil ThreadsGutermann ThreadsOlfa products and so many others have been tested and have our humble Seal of Approval.  We want to offer you simply the very best! ❤️

"Think of us as your Local Quilt Shop Around the Corner."

CUSTOMER SERVICE is the next important factor in our little company.  In a day when you very, very rarely get to actually speak to a person, or get personalized care, GVQS focuses on the opposite!  We strive for you to think of us as your local quilt shop around the corner.  And as your local quilt shop (online), our contact information available to call / text or email directly to the owners.  We do have some off-hours downtime to sleep and recharge, but we are available Monday through Friday, 9am to 5pm, PST.  And unless we are on a much needed vacation, there's a very good chance you'll hear back from us even on the weekends!

TRAINING, TEACHING and LEARNING AS A COMMUNITY is so very important to us, and a quality that sets us apart from so many others in the industry!  Whether it is our peek-a-boo tutorials on Instagram or TikTok, or one of our future online courses, we want to offer fun and understandable content that helps you with a new technique and reenforces the joy in the journey of quilting.  Never feel isolated in your creation, be sure to connect through social and we will engage back and get to know you too!  

"Our exceptional service... we have the most pride in."


FAST DELIVERY is definitely part of our exceptional service that we have the most pride in.  My team and I work very tirelessly to make sure product goes out very quickly.  We are shoppers too, and understand once you hit "buy", you want to yesterday!!  We strive to get it to you QUICKLY and AFFORDABLY.


Chrissy Dunham with Duke and Maddie

"Little House on the Prairie" Girl, who drives a vintage VW bus."




The last thing that makes us different then other quilt shops is just us being ourselves.  As a 1970s flower child, my passion for wholesome design and handmade, homestead wares has forever been embedded within me.  Those designs are clearly reflected in the products our shop offers to clients.  Think of our style as a "Little House on the Prairie" Girl, who drives a vintage VW bus, while keeping it simple in flannel and yoga pants!  If you can relate, we are gonna make awesome friends!



Good Vibes Quilt Shop, Chrissy


Thank you for taking your time to check out our Good Vibes Quilt Shop.  I truly hope we can connect for the long run and you enjoy the Good Vibes we offer to all our friends.  Be sure to connect with us on our social channels, and comment and engage so we can get to know you too!  May Love, Peace and Good Vibes be part of your everyday creative journey!  ❤️✌️🚌

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