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Have Good Vibes Quilt Shop complete your Creative Quilt Masterpiece!

How the process works:

Once we receive your quilt at our sewing studio, we will get to work on your completing your vision.  However, before sending, it is best to reach out directly to discuss your creative vision.  We can do this over email, but a phone call is best.

  • All customers are required to send in the intake form prior to sending in your quilt.
  • After we receive your intake form, you will receive an intake number and an invoice for $25 for the initial deposit.
  • Send in your quilt.  Once we receive your quilt, an approximate return delivery will be determined.  Be sure to pin your name and the intake number on your quilt top and back.
  • Once we start working on your quilt, many times you will see the process on our social media handles, but we will also be communicating with you as well!
  • Trimming, packaging and shipping is done at our warehouse and will be completed within a day of completion so we can get your masterpiece out to you!  Regarding trimming: we trim all quilts and return unused fabric. We trim off the side areas of the sample stitches, tension checks, and starts and stops.  When you receive you quilted masterpiece, it'll be ready for your finishing touches!
  • If you have requested us to complete your binding, that part of the process is done once a week and may delay the return a few days depending on quilting completion.  We will be in communication on updated shipping dates when this option is chosen.
  • Prior to return delivery, all invoices must be paid in full.  

We will treat your quilt as our own, exercising our highest standard of care and service. We want you to be happy with your quilting design. Please go through the checklist to be sure you have done everything necessary to enable us to do the best job possible with your quilt. Understand that machine quilting will not “fix” fullness, puckering, poor sewing, inadequate seam allowance, improperly measured borders, or the squareness of your quilt.

1. Provide backing that is a minimum of 4" larger on all four sides of your pieced quilt top.  In order to properly load your quilt onto our longarm quilting machine, this backing requirement is necessary.  Maximum width for our machine is 120". (We do not accept bed sheets as a backing fabric.)

2. All threads must be trimmed.

3. Quilt top and backing must be flat and well pressed; no embroidery, embellishments, loose fabric, etc.

4. If the quilt top or backing is directional, please indicate with a pinned note.


Our Pricing:

Our pricing is $0.0225 per square inch.  Here is an example calculation:

Your Quilt measures 45 inches (width) by 60 inches (length)

45 x 60 = 2,700 square inches
2,700 x 0.0225 = $60.75, plus your selected batting.  Return shipping is included for your completed quilt in our pricing.

There is a $50 minimum on all quilts

Additional options are available:

  • Binding, created and applied on one side: $0.20 per inch.  This is a perfect option for quilters who prefer to handsew finished binding.
  • Binding, machine sewn on both sides.  Your quilt now completed!  Whoop! Whoop!  $0.25 per inch
  • $25 per hour for any repairs or prep work needed prior to loading a quilt on our machines.

We communicate with you throughout our process, and want to know that you are happy with our services.   Our business is founded and grows through our commitment be awesome and strive for happy clients.  We (well, I) look forward to a long relationship in our sharing our mutual passion for quilting! 

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