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"When I make with my hands, I give of my heart."


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August's Block of the Month
Join us each month to complete together the COUNTRY BLESSINGS Quilt from Poppie Cotton!  Each month create a new block and learn new skills that will help you create even more awesome in the future!

The COUNTRY BLESSINGS Quilt uses the Fat Quarters from the Farm House Favorites Collection.  Included in our kit is 3 yards of Country Confetti Marshmallow.  You will also need Binding and Backing which is sold separately.  GVQS is also offering LONGARM SERVICES starting in September.  Each kit will also include a $25 gift card to be used towards our Longarm Services!  (for edge to edge services only). To get started, click on this pic and you will be able to purchase the bundle.  You can get started anytime!

FarmHouse Favorites Collection
Always in Stock!

Birthday Presents from GVQS

Do you like Birthday Gifts? Receive a Percentage-Off Coupon-Gift from us to use on your Birthday! Also, you will be added to our NewsLetter List where you willing receive little gifts throughout the year.

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We are Your Destination for the Best Quality Fabrics and Notions, with Awesome Fast Service!



GVQS is a perfect little Quilt Shop to come get creatively energized and gather your perfectly curated materials to create absolute Awesomeness!  We are a small family business with passion to bring our clients fast service, a rad place of community and a destination for soul-filling materials and tools.

As a 1970s flower child, my passion for wholesome design and handmade, homestead wares has forever been embedded within me.  Those designs are clearly reflected in the products our shop offers to our clients.  Think of our style as a "Little House on the Prairie" girl, who drives a vintage VW Bus, while keeping it simple in flannel and yoga pants!  If you resemble this kinda girl, then we are gonna make awesome friends!!

My creative DNA dates back to the stories of my great, great grandmothers (and way before that I'm sure), although I still feel modestly new to the art of quilting and sewing.  With that in mind, I am excited to teach a newbie what I know, and yet definitely humble enough to learn from those who have created the quilting craft longer in life.

Thank you for taking your time to check out our Good Vibes Quilt Shop.  I truly hope we can connect for the long run... so check out our social channels and be sure to comment and engage with us!  We love new friends! ❤️🚌✌️ 

"May your sorrows be patched and your joys quilted."

Good Vibes Tell is a Story (Our Blog) 

What makes Good Vibes Quilt Shop different than other quilt shops?


Good Vibes Quilt Shop was born in a time when humanity needed creative outlets to thrive, or even exist just to be "normal". Sound a little dramatic?  Well, it's really true!  The idea of my cute little shop was created in the fall of 2020, right in the pit during the year of Covid.  My former creative business (in the wedding industry) was seeing a forecast of big uncertainty.  And honestly, getting up in the mornings, and being greeted by fun, uniquely challenging and beautiful quilting projects was bringing me such incredible joy, I realized this was the perfect time for a career shift.  I wanted to be a force for these happy, good vibe feelings for the creative quilting world!  And with that, GOOD VIBES QUILT SHOP became my new reality, my passion and my life goal.

"I wanted to be a Force for these Happy, Good Vibe feelings for the Creative Quilting World!"

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"I have all the fabric I need," said no quilter ever.

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